Wallet Help


How to use Cryptomover Stellar Wallet?


We do not store your Secret Seed anywhere. You will have to type it each time you want to do a transaction which requires a Secret Seed.

Create New Account
  • This creates a New Stellar Account on Stellar Public Network.
  • Read all instructions carefully before proceeding.
  • Use Show button to see your Secret Seed. Keep it secured and private.
  • DO NOT lose the Secret Seed.
  • After you login using your Public Stellar Key, you will be redirected to Portfolio page.
  • Portfolio page will automatically fetch your balance. Wait for it to load.
  • Use Copy button to copy your public address to your Clipboard.
  • Portfolio page shows four columns, Coin, Issuer, Balance and its total USD value.
  • Clicking on Issuer address will expand it to show full address.
  • This page lists all your transaction history.
  • Amount is in respective asset unit.
  • Use this page to trust new assets so that you can send and receive them.
  • All fields are compulsory.
  • Use Browse assets to search for assets.
  • Multisignature option is present on Send Asset, Trust asset, Sign Transaction and Advanced Settings page.
  • To create a multisignature transaction object use Create Transaction button on respective page.
  • You can optionally choose to not sign this transaction object.
  • Share this object with intended partners for them to sign and submit to network.
Advanced Settings
  • Use Advanced Settings page to change treshold levels and add/remove signers as well as change signers weight.
  • To delete existing signer, add it with weight zero.
  • You can change threshold only if you have already added signers with enough weight.

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